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How it Works

The First Home Program is a homebuyer program offered by Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. and members of The Long & Foster Companies, Inc. family of companies. Below is an overview of how the program works. See Terms & Conditions for complete details.

If you close on a home with an agent assigned to you through the First Home program, you’ll receive specific incentives and guarantees depending on the services you utilize within the Long & Foster family of companies.

To sign-up for the First Home Program, you first “reserve your benefits”. This provides the opportunity to get started right away using the program or holding until you’re ready to buy a home using Long & Foster.

Reserve benefits now even if you’ll be buying months from now.

When you’re ready to start using the program (typically 3 months before buying), you will first determine how much home you can afford through an easy, online pre-approval process.

One of our mortgage consultants will work with you to determine your pre-approval which then strengthens your bargaining position with sellers and gives you a head start.

If you choose to do the “Buyer Advantage” pre-approval option, you’re eligible to use the $10K Closing Guarantee when you submit an offer to a seller through your First Home agent.

After your pre-approval is determined, you are assigned a personal guide to act as your point person - they’ll be your contact who will coordinate and connect you to each team member at the right time.

Your guide will match you to a specific Long & Foster real estate agent who specializes in first-time homebuyers. They’ll assess your needs and begin the search in the right neighborhoods for the perfect home.

When you put in an offer and secure a ratified contract on a home and use Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC (in the Long & Foster Family of Companies) for your mortgage, your mortgage team member will coordinate your free home appraisal.

Your guide will connect you with multiple members of your team:

  1. To finalize the mortgage that meets your needs.
  2. To shop insurance underwriters and find the best homeowner’s coverage.
  3. Behind the scenes, we’ll be busy preparing settlement documentation so you can close on time and secure the title to your first home.

The day finally arrives to close on your new home. You’ll see a $250 closing cost credit on your closing document if you utilize a Long & Foster Settlement service company for your closing.

Your guide will connect you to your moving team member to receive a guaranteed, flat-rate quote (no unexpected fees or charges).

Whether you need storage, packing, or moving services, you’ll get the benefits only Tailored Move—Long & Foster’s own moving company—can an offer.

If you choose to use Tailored Move, you’ll pick your guaranteed move-in date (with minimum of 14 days advanced notice).

If you used Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC (in the Long & Foster Family of Companies) for your mortgage, after closing, you’ll receive a home warranty with no cost for the first year. It is optional if you’d like to review the warranty after the first year.

Working with an Agent

The First Home program includes Long & Foster agents who participate in this program. When you start the program and complete the first step to determine how much home you can afford, we match you with a First Home agent. They’ll assess your needs and begin the search with you in the right neighborhoods looking for the perfect home.

To Be Eligible to Receive the First Home Benefits To be eligible, a Long & Foster agent needs to be assigned through the First Home program in order to receive the program benefits.

When you reserve your benefits in the First Home program, you will be asked if you are working with an agent. For you to receive the benefits of the First Home program, you need to

  1. Confirm you are not working with an agent.
  2. Utilize an agent that is assigned when you get started in the program.

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